Again, after one year back on the Mt. Schneekopf for September IARU-VHF contest. Due to ongoing lack of operators we were participating only with a small team.
Despite the conditions this year was a copy of 2021.

OK, we were QRV! Again due to lack of operators and supporters we were operating in the October IARU-VHF contest on 70cm only with a small team from Mt. Schneekopf in JO50JP. Some QSOs on the mm-waves were done, though.

We're back! After missing the September IARU-VHF contest, DLØGTH was QRV again with big setup from Mt. Schneekopf in JO50JP.

Such a contest only happens once in decades: when excellent weather and excellent conditions meet at contest date! After pausing again over the year due to COVID-19 restrictions and lack of operators we wer participating in the September IARU-VHF contest with a small team from Mt. Schneekopf in JO50JP.

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