Dear OMs,

after being QRV for almost 50 years in almost all big VHF-/UHF-/SHF- contests as DM5TI, Y37Q and DL0GTH with countless awards, trophies and victories it is now time to say


We hereby sadly announce the end of regular contest activity of our team. Due to lack of operators we are not able anymore to operate such big portable equipment as we have done for years. And, same as other teams, we did not manage to get juniors motivated enough to join our crew. We survived the last years only being supported by other contest teams, like DK0NA. The number of OMs willing to handle tons of equipment and to stand the rough conditions on the top of the mountains for 24 hours is shrinking more and more. We are getting older, that's the truth. There is a time for everything, and now it's time to close this chapter.

Is this the end of DL0GTH? Probably not: we still have access to Mt. Schneekopf and all other contest QTHs. The equipment is securely stored away and can still be reactivated at any time. So the call sign DL0GTH will not get lost! We are planning to be QRV at least in the IARU contests in September, October & November, if weather and man power permit. Meanwhile some of us are going to support the DK0NA crew or using their individual call signs for smaller activities.

Tnx fer all QSOs in the past es cuagn in ctest!


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